How does Boonle work?

Boonle connects US-based students & recent graduates with businesses & nonprofit organizations on design-based projects.

Clients get to post projects for free, name their own price, and browse student portfolios & invite them to apply. Students can create complete profiles, apply to work on projects, and earn money all while expanding their portfolio & skill set.

Joining Boonle is completely free.

Student Profile
How Payment Works
Once you're ready to hire a student, you'll be asked to pay for the project prior to work beginning. All payments are handled securely via PayPal, where any major credit card is accepted.
Students receive payment and/or tips for generously providing their time and skills to the Client, typically at a fraction of the market rate. Earnings can be withdrawn to a verified PayPal account.
Boonle takes 30% of each payment, which includes all PayPal transaction and withdrawal fees. Boonle's fee also keeps the website advertisement-free.
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