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Anniversary-Animation; RIT- Sophie H.
What prompted you to start this project?
I started the project because cousin has 50th wedding anniversary and would like to make 3 or so minute video for them.
What should the student know about your project?
There are 4/5 scenes to the video (see attached file). A car with couple looking out back window comes into scene. A hand comes out and puts 'just married' sign on back. Another hand comes out and slaps back of car and as it moves off into the horizon, confetti falls (people cheer in background). Scene 2- see car moving through 1st of 5 - 10 year sign posts. Scene 3- seen person throwing out baby bottles as car moves (child cries in background). Scene 3- car moves through 3rd sign post. Scene 4- person throws balls/bikes out car window (children laughing). Scene 2- car moves through 4th sign post (more baby crying sounds). Final scene- car loaded with family moves forward through last sign, towards viewer. Hear Ode to Joy music. Some confetti falls. I have the parts but need help to bring them all together at right time. And after this part is done would like to splice a self made video (mp3?) to the anniversary-animation part to complete the 5 or so minute video. I thought I could do this with the morph button on PowerPoint, but couldn't find computer with PP2016 on it, in the several computer rooms that I checked on campus.
What should the student know about your business?
Am RIT student with engineering background. Do things for fun and to learn. I don't know how much the project would cost but would ask to know it before start. Thanks.
What results are you expecting after this project is complete?
My cousin and her husband will be happy.
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