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Logo Design for new Consulting Services business
What prompted you to start this project?
Need a logo for a new business
What should the student know about your project?
A captivating and inviting logo is key to helping draw clients to our new business and a high quality outcome may be just the start as we will likely need other business related production done. Unfortunately, we are expecting a quality design in short order so we can use it for our website and emails. I am bumping up the suggested fee some to compensate for the rush. Since we will be using the acronym DSA you may want to make those letters stand out in the logo, but not necessary. We will want to see alternative designs to consider.
What should the student know about your business?
David F. Smith & Associates Consulting Services (abbreviated as DSA). Overview is as follows: Established and highly-respected business consultants, the team at DSA is uniquely qualified to provide SME’s with executive level business consulting, product sales, and back office support. Our focus is to help you identify and address inhibitors to your businesses growth. Together we can unlock the potential in your business and provide your organization with the tools it will need to capitalize on growth opportunities. DSA’s areas of expertise include:  Leadership Analysis  Business Modeling and Budgeting  Marketing and Sales Support  Program/Project Management  Capacity and Manufacturing Capability  Inventory History and Measurements  Customer and Market Analysis  Sales Inventory and Operations Planning  Supply Chain and Logistics Review  SKU and Margin Analysis
What results are you expecting after this project is complete?
We may ask for other design projects like letterhead, business cards, etc.
Ray Kaforey has agreed to pay $250 for this project.
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