Project Image
Image for Totem Pole
What prompted you to start this project?
I was not skilled enough to create the image I sought.
What should the student know about your project?
In need of an image scaled for a final product to be printed 2 feet tall and cut out with no background. It consists of a Pokemon - Grimer with a specific look in this image <http://bogleech.com/pokemon/allpokes/088Grimerold.png>. I know the image is small and that is the main issue with scaling it up to be 2 feet in height. The color palette would follow a more common image of Grimer seen here <https://i.ytimg.com/vi/g8jh6PAgEn8/maxresdefault.jpg> however with more bright, vibrant, and neon. The only other major addition would be the eyes to be large and dilated similar to an image such as this <http://thesceneisdead.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Totem3.jpg>. If possible, the image would include a separate file with the letters "RL" with a similar color and skinning to the Grimer image yet with a possible inverted and darker color scheme. Sizing of the letters would be about 1/2 the height of the Grimer.
What should the student know about your business?
This is merely a self commission not used for business yet would be shown for all.
D. Emery has agreed to pay $70 for this project.
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