Project Image
Website Screenshot Mockup
What prompted you to start this project?
I own a startup company and need the images for business development purposes.
What should the student know about your project?
I am looking to create a very simple image of what my website will look like to show potential investors and partners, as well as programmers so they can see what the final product should be. I am basically looking to create a fake screenshot of what my website will look like when it is done. I'm not looking to make a functioning website or anything, just something that looks like the screenshot of a website. As long as it looks authentic, I don't care how you do it, even if you use autoshapes to create the buttons and banners. I already have two screenshot images (attached), as a reference for the general style. As for the image I'm looking for, I made a very rudimentary "sketch" with Microsoft Word (attached). What I would like is: 1) The word "Logo" to be replaced by my actual logo (attached) 2) The clipart images to be replaced with something more abstract and generally better looking, preferably something you create, or a creative commons open license image 3) I will supply the html color codes
What should the student know about your business?
I really don't think any of this information is needed.
What results are you expecting after this project is complete?
The business will be able to conduct focus groups and meet with investors
David Kirby has agreed to pay $70 for this project.
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