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Senior Portraits Student Brochure
What prompted you to start this project?
This brochure is intended to get HS juniors/seniors excited about senior portraits and to call to book a session.
What should the student know about your project?
The demo for this brochure is HS juniors/seniors in affluent families. For senior portraits, their main interests are a great experience they can enjoy and talk about and digital images they can show and share. Mothers will see this piece but it’s not aimed at them. They want their kids to have a great experience but they also want to know they’ll get great pictures to remember this time in their child’s life. Dads may be decision makers and need to feel this isn’t a waste of money. The piece should not be off-putting to adults. I make money on pictures, but people are buying feelings and memories. This piece needs to emphasize a great experience that results in fun experiences sharing the pictures. This piece should be modeled on the piece I uploaded, however that piece reflects a brand position very different from mine. So the new brochure should have a different feel. Please read these instructions carefully and adhere to all mandatories and restrictions. What I like about the example: Size and fold: I want the same structure. Paper size: 13”x13”, folded size: 6.5”x6.5”, French fold. Use of space: diagonal orientation on both sides; no page divisions, just areas of focus; panels of color or pattern (rather than content) filling space on the cover side of the sheet. Energy: high energy, positive; bold, magazine-like design. Hierarchy of elements: I don’t want elements laid out in the same positions, but I like the way the example leads the reader logically through the active, non-linear design. Headline —> copy —> action step. What needs to be different: Brand feel: My brand is low key and somewhat exclusive. This piece can differ quite a bit from my brand, as long as it there’s a visible relationship between this piece and my brand. Colors: The included brand guideline shows my colors. Yellow and blue are dominant. Typefaces: Include Venti CF and other typefaces as needed. Any script must be handwritten. You may not use script typefaces. Please specify typefaces so I can buy them for the printer. Use of photos: It is not mandatory to use all photos. Use no more than two of any individual person. Take care with crops because the pictures are the product. Some uncropped images are available to fit different aspect ratios. Extreme crops (blowup over actual size, vertical or horizontal bar, etc.) are okay as design elements, but these must not appear to be intended as sample photos. Logo: please use the script-only forms of the logo, without the illustration. Printing: This will be offset printed on glossy stock. The file needs to be CMYK, 300dpi.
What should the student know about your business?
I make portraits for affluent families. People who buy my service want something more than smiles. I want students to feel I take the time to learn about them so their pictures don't just look great, they also capture something essential about them. I don't deliver party excitement; I focus intensely on my subjects so they feel like stars and get pictures that reflect the best they see in themselves.
What results are you expecting after this project is complete?
The goal is to get students (or more likely their mothers) to book a photo session. The note about the model program should bring in calls from students who want a yearlong star experience.
James McKenna has agreed to pay $300 for this project.
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