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His Glory logo project
What prompted you to start this project?
I'm starting a ministry/business to bring positive changes through partnering with women in developing countries to increase their earning potential.
What should the student know about your project?
I want to incorporate my dress form mannequin and product I'm selling into my logo name. ~His Glory- Use the letter "l" as the top of the mannequin with skirt. So that when you look at the name you will know what the company sells.
What should the student know about your business?
I'm the owner and designer of the product I'm selling (skirts) I'm also the bridge between the United States and the women I'm currently partnering with in Mexico. As the ministry/business grows, I will be expanding to Thailand, India and Haiti. My vision is to see ~His Glory~ reach as many women in developing countries to give them an opportunity to earn a living through their trade.
What results are you expecting after this project is complete?
I will be ready to step out and get my business/ministry going, create beautiful skirts that woman, girls and babies will love to wear knowing that they are helping to change the lives of many women.
Rachel De La Girond'arc has agreed to pay $75 for this project.
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